Verizon offering free Star rs Cardboard headsets to customers

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Dec 2015

Star rs marketing is in overdrive. Verizon is the latest to hop on board, giving away some rather clever Cardboard viewers to its customers.

To snag one, you’ll need to head into your nearest Verizon store. You need to be on Big Red’s side of the Force, though maybe they’ll give you a headset if you’re planning to pledge your allegiance. Oh, head there quick, because it’s one day only, “while supplies last.”

You can choose among four characters: BB-8, R2-D2, Kylo Ren, or a Stormtrooper. Once you have your favorite choice, you can check out the official Star rs app for iOS or Android to try out some virtual reality experiences.

y this matters: Carrier competition is tough out there, so any little edge that one of the companies can grab is worth trying. Star rs is an ideal marketing bwagon to jump on, as all indications are that the upcoming film surrounding hoopla has captured the attention of a large portion of the American public. Of course Verizon is getting some juice too, as the Cardboard headsets are plastered with the company logo.