pular automation app Tasker kicked out of ay Store

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 17 Nov 2015

itor’s note: Tasker has been restored to the ay Store.

Tasker is one of the more powerful apps in the ay Store, offering you limitless customization for how you use your device.

Not anymore. has apparently removed the app on the grounds that it uses a permission that disables the new Doze feature.

However, the developer tells Android lice that the feature isn’t even in the ay Store version: it’s in a beta build that is only available on the Tasker website. His theory is that someone reported the issue to , which moved too quickly to take down Tasker, or that ay Services identified the feature when doing the usual scan of apps on someone’s device.

play store not found ay

en apps are removed, this is all you see in the ay Store.

If you want Tasker right now, you can download a trial version directly from the Tasker site. You’ll just need to hang tight until Tasker iron this out for the full, paid build. There’s a Groups forum thread about the issue, so you can follow along there if you want to see how this plays out.

y this matters: ’ve seen this kind of hiccup before, we’d wager that before too long Tasker will be up running again. It will just take the developer to connect with the right authority from the ay Store to get everything squared away. ile it’s better for the ecosystem for to take a stronger h with ay Store security, it looks like there could be cause for some refinement in the process.