The 11 Worst Types of Tweets

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Nov 2015

Twitter is an excellent platform for many things. It includes keeping in touch with friends, getting companies to offer discount codes on their products. And heatedly discussing politics and social issues. But just because Twitter is super casual with its short 140-character limit. And its quick rollover time doesn’t mean that you should ignore tweet etiquette, a word I just made up. It’s terrible tweet etiquette to tweet about every single second of your day, especially if your day isn’t exciting. As most people’s days aren’t. It’s also lousy tweet etiquette to bad mouth your boss, job, or workplace. Not sure what you should or shouldn’t tweet about? Here are 11 of the worst types of tweets to avoid, and then you’ll probably be okay.

The Bathroom Tweet

Please Never tweet from a bathroom or inform your Twitter feed that you’re tweeting from a toilet. Let’s keep some things sacred!

The Butt Selfie Tweet


The ‘Please Follow Me’ Tweet

Begging people to follow you on Twitter never looks good. Whether you’re asking a specific person or everyone who happens across your feed.

The Real Time Sports Tweet

The worst kind of real-time sports tweet is the one that says GOOOOOOOD! or I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED! with no context whatsoever. Everyone who knows what you’re talking about is watching the game, not Twitter. Everyone else reading your Twitter feed is totally confused.

The Toilet Minute Tweet

Remember when we used to make fun of Twitterers, they were always live tweeting their lives, as though everyone cared? Some of us on Twitter haven’t recieved the memo. We don’t need a play-by-play of your day!


It doesn’t matter what you’re saying. You sound like you don’t know how to use the Internet when you say it in all caps.

The Bored Tweet

This is definitely not why people follow you. To hear about how bored you are, how boring your life is.

The Workout Tweet

The only reason anyone tweets about their workout is to brag. They might say it’s about accountability. But we all know you’re just bragging and judging us for not hitting the gym.

The Unnecessarily Gross Tweet

I’m sure this sounded a lot better in Jessica’s head; that’s definitely where it should have stayed.

The Follower Milestone Tweet

The follower milestone tweet lets your followers know you like, and care about them. And points out just how awesomely popular you are. You look like a pretentious jerk, perhaps even if you’ve just hit 50 million followers.

The Shameless Self Promotion Tweet

Everyone self-promotes on Twitter to some extent. Sometimes they overdo it. Promoting your song, book, or science fair project is one thing. It’s another thing to talk about yourself in the third person while doing it.