10 apps that already support awesome Android 6.0 Marshmallow features

If you're lucky enough to have Marshmallow already, you need these apps.

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Try out Android 6.0 Marshmallow's best new features

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is just starting to show up in the world, but some developers are already busy adding support for the neat stuff in Google’s latest release. Some important Marshmallow features like granular permissions and Google Now On Tap just work without developer action, but that’s not the case for everything. Here are 10 apps that are already updated to take advantage of Marshmallow’s coolest features.

android mm updated lastpass


Password manager Lastpass can store and fill in your login information on Android, but only if you have the (very cheap) premium plan. The app has been well-maintained, though, and was one of the first to get ready for Android 6.0. In this case, that means support for fingerprint sensors on Marshmallow. After enabling this feature, you can authorize username and password autofill with a tap on the sensor.

Lastpass (free plus subscription)

android mm updated pushbullet


Few apps are as useful as Pushbullet, which can send text, links, and images between your devices. It can also be used to push content from your phone to a friend’s, and that’s where the Pushbullet Marshmallow optimizations come into play. It uses Direct Share, so when you open the Android share menu from any app, your recent Pushbullet destinations will appear at the top for easy access.

Pushbullet (free)

android mm updated custom quick settings

Custom Quick Settings

Android 6.0 added a semi-hidden feature called System UI Tuner. One of the things you can do with this is rearrange your quick settings area. Custom Quick Settings uses the UI tuner to let you add new tiles to the quick settings that can toggle settings, open websites, and launch apps. You can arrange these however you like with the stock tiles, and choose custom text and icons. None of this requires root, but adding a tile does take a few steps.

Custom Quick Settings (free)

android mm updated nine


If you have an Exchange managed email account for work, Nine might already be on your radar. It’s a pricey $10 app, but it’s one of the best Exchange clients around. It recently added support for Android 6.0 in the form of fingerprint authentication to keep your business email, contacts, and calendar secure.

Nine - Exchange on Mobile (free, $9.99 in-app purchase)

android mm updated evolvesms


If the stock SMS app on your phone isn’t powerful enough, EvolveSMS might be just what you need. This app has a ton of features, including Marshmallow fingerprint authentication. You can set a time-out in the settings, after which you’ll have to touch the sensor to unlock the app. All Marshmallow apps support the automatic backup system, but in the case of EvolveSMS it’s an important feature as it will automatically restore your conversations to a new phone.

EvolveSMS (free plus $1.49-2.49 in-app)

android mm updated greenify


Android 6.0 added doze mode to preserve battery life, and the battery saving app Greenify is taking advantage of that feature in Marshmallow to implement "shallow hibernation" mode. If you place an app into shallow hibernation using Greenify, the app will basically drop into doze whenever it's not being used. Push messages will still go through and you can open the app instantly without waiting for it to reload. This only works on Android 6.0 and you'll need root access on your device.

Greenify (free)

android mm updated telegram


Telegram is one of the most secure and easy messaging apps on Android with end-to-end encryption, and it's completely free. The developers are also really on the ball with support for Android 6.0. You can secure the app with a fingerprint on Marshmallow devices, and it has Direct Share. That makes it easy to share content to your Telegram contacts, which will show up at the top of the Android share menu.

Telegram (free)

android mm updated translate

Google Translate

The Google Translate app has a Marshmallow-only feature lurking inside that you might not know about. It hooks into the new floating text selection bar in Marshmallow, allowing instant text translations in almost any app. Just select some text and tap the overflow button to see the translate option. The pop-over interface lets you choose languages and even have the words spoken aloud.

Google Translate (free)

android mm updated robinhood


Any app that manages your money is something you want to keep secure, and Robinhood has your back. This is a free stock trading app that has gained a significant following since its launch on Android a few months ago. For Marshmallow users, it has fingerprint authentication to keep anyone from snooping or executing trades on your account.

Robinhood (free)

android mm updated messenger

Google Messenger

Hangouts has SMS functionality, of course, but Google also makes the Messenger app for SMS. Truth be told, it’s a better SMS experience than Hangouts. For Marshmallow users, Google has added support for Direct Share, so you can send content directly to recent SMS conversations from the system share menu. You can’t do that with Hangouts.

Google Messenger (free)

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