The $1500 TAG Heuer Connected has a titanium case, custom dials, fancy Swiss design flair

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Nov 2015

You want the new TAG Heuer Connected if you want the most rarefied Android ar watch of all. The $1,500 Connected has a titanium case sapphire glass display, comes with seven different colored straps for various styling options. 

Besides all the Googly features you’d get on any Android ar watch, the TAG Heuer Connected comes with three digital watch faces that mimic TAG Heuer’s beautiful analog dials.

tagheuerconnectedhero TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer says that after two years the Connected can be “traded in” for a mechanical Carrera watch of a similar design. Because, you know: Smartwatch features are prone to obsolescence, but traditional watches last forever.

’re still trying to lock down details on this offer, but it appears TAG Heuer is simply offering smartwatch owners a discount on one of its mechanical watches. Dig the language in a press release:

“Anyone who purchases a TAG Heuer Connected watch will have the opportunity to exchange it for a mechanical watch with real Swiss movement inside. At the end of the connected watch’s two-year warranty period, customers can go to the TAG Heuer store of his or her choice to exchange the TAG Heuer Connected watch for a mechanical Swiss Made Carrera watch. th similar design, also made from grade 2 titanium, this mechanical watch has been exclusively developed reserved for owners of connected watches. Its price is set at 1500 D.”

TAG Heuer CEO an-Claude Biver launched the Connected event in New York with a rambling, sometimes maniacal rant: “Today is the marriage of watch valley Silicon Valley! It’s a political, it’s a commercial, it’s an industrial marriage—the marriage of knowledge, the marriage of research development!”

The TAG Heuer Connected’s titanium case is 12.8 mm thick, boasts a diameter of 46 mm (making it rather large for any Android ar watch), has a splash resistance rating of I7. The 1.5-inch display bears a 360×360 resolution that’s good for 240 pixels per inch. The vulcanized rubber straps come in green, blue, orange, red, white, black yellow, edging the product line toward sporty, all of TAG Heuer’s old-world sophistication notwithsting. 

connected bezel

Nonetheless, the case itself is rich with design flourishes. You’ll find raised brushed numerals circumventing the dial, “TAG Heuer Connected” engraved lettering on the s-blasted, carbide-coated bezel. There’s also a TAG Heuer emblem on the Connected’s single button.

The watch’s 410 mAh battery is rated for 25 hours of typical use. An Intel 1.6GHz dual core processor throttles down to 500mHz when you’re not hitting the silicon hard. You get the stard 1GB of system memory, 4GB of storage.

The Connected is on sale now.