Access Shared Google Drive Files through Push Alerts, Thanks to Update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Nov 2015

The recent updates to the Drive app are helpful if you work with many shared files. Drive for Android and iOS now sends out a push alert. Whenever someone shares a new document or folder with you. The notification will then take you directly into that file, so you can get to work. Previously, the only method for such notifications was through your email, which can often be quite cumbersome to dig through. The Android version has a couple of extra tricks. You can request access to a file directly from the notification if the sender hasn’t added you yet. So, you can view a shared file even if you’re not signed in to an account.
The newest versions of Drive are making their way through the Play Store and iOS App Store.
The impact on you: Drive still does one thing better than all the other productivity apps; collaboration. The updates remove major pain points since you can jump directly into a file. And get to work on your mobile device without the need to wait. For the invite to show up in your inbox. The other perk is that it tends to keep good feature parity across iOS and Android. Which is helpful if your workflow jumps across different platforms.