ay Store pops in a watch icon for apps that support Android ar

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Oct 2015

There’s now a quick way to find out if that app you’re checking out in the ay Store also offers an Android ar version.

A small watch icon now appears just above the Read More section on the app’s detail page. ’re only seeing it in the mobile app, but perhaps this will extend to the web version of ay eventually.

Another oddity is that many apps like Maps, ay Music, Calendar, others that work with ar don’t have this icon. Same goes for a couple of third-party apps like Accuather, which offers a ar version.

play store roid wear icon

It isn’t a huge promotion, but at least now you know if the app you want to download works with your watch.

tentially much of this will be ironed out as the feature gains more traction. This promotion was badly needed, because prior to this the only way to know if your newest app worked with your Android ar watch was to look for it on the watch itself, or pore through the app’s description hope the developer included mention of it.

By comparison, Apple pushes apps that support the Apple tch much harder.

apple watch apps

Apple’s approach to promoting its Apple tch apps is far more agressive.

For some, this approach may be too in-your-face, but it definitely is a good marketing strategy on Apple’s part to get you to think about everything an Apple tch could do. 

y this matters: Not only is ’s new icon helpful, but it might give everyone who visits the ay Store a subtle reminder about ’s wearable platform. This looks like a decent start, but certainly more could be done to get Android users thinking about making the leap over to Android ar.