How To Get Android Marshmallow Hidden File Manager

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Oct 2015

You are accustomed to managing files on the computer. Of course, you are. In that case, the lack of a built-in file manager on smartphones can be frustrating. Why do you have to jump from app to app to manage your files? Why can’t you do it all from one place? You can find various file management apps on the Google play store. Still, Android never shipped a device with one built in the early days. Remember, we are talking about Android versions 6 and below.

Hidden File Manager

Android 6 Marshmallow includes a hidden file manager switched off by default. You can switch it on quickly if you know where to look. Go to the Settings app, and tap Storage & USB under the Device subheading. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Explore. It brings you to a file manager with just about every file on your phone.
Android 6’s file manager. The file manager is primary, but it’ll feel familiar to anyone using the OS X Finder or Windows Explorer. Tap a folder to view its contents; tap a file to view it. Press and hold a file icon to get additional options Delete, Share, and so on.

List View or Grid View

A primary search feature makes it a little easier to find the file. You can also change the sort order for items by tapping the View button. The three horizontal lines in the toolbar. Or switch between the Grid view or List view to the Options menu button. The three dots in the upper right corner. The grid view gives you larger icon file previews than the List view.
The file manager is a little challenging at first. But it’s part of the Settings, so you can’t add it to the home screen. Ideally, the file manager should be a separate app that you can optionally show in the app drawer. But as it was a first, Android Marshmallow’s file manager was a welcome addition at the time of release. That was in the past, and Android OS is more powerful and adaptable with each new Android OS released.