The LG Nexus 5X is Pretty Easy to Repair But Watch Out for the USB Port

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Oct 2015

The Nexus line has always been the best option for Android developers. And LG’s new Nexus 5X appears to embrace that role. The teardown masters of iFixit gave the new mini-Marshmallow phone a Back to the Future-style deep dive. They recently found the Nexus 5X is good in repairability, giving it a 7 out of 10. It avoided covering the components, making them complicated and annoying to repair. The Nexus 5X uses standard screws, making it much easier to take apart. The 5X got thumbs-up from iFixit for modular components. Several pieces have to be modularized. Like the USB Type-C connector. It’s a problem if the port fails. You’ll have to replace the entire motherboard. It’s easier to get a new phone. The good news is if your headphone jack bites the dust. Returning it will be a snap as it’s the spring contact variety.
The Nexus 5X is not disassembled.

A notable exception to the 5X’s modularity is the fused display assembly. The outer glass and the LED are one unit typical for many smartphones.

The impact on you at home: Although many people never look past the case of their phone, a relatively easy device to repair is a good thing to consider. Sometimes we give up on our phones and tablets for silly reasons. Like a non-functioning headphone jack or a battery that won’t hold a charge. Knowing that a component replacement requires just a few snaps of a back cover, a screw or two. Will make those inevitable moments of hardware failure easier to help.