Google Maps now lets you search for food, gas, and more along your navigation route

You can also find out gas prices and how much time the stop will add to your journey.

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Google Maps is your new best friend when it comes to satisfying that coffee craving or finding the cheapest gas during your road trip.

With the version 9.16 update, Maps will factor such stops into your overall trip and even give you helpful details like gas prices. This way you don’t have to recalibrate the entire navigation just because you need to fill up.

Google Maps also will recalibrate your journey to factor this detour into the entire trip. This way you don’t need to re-enter your destination details and start the entire navigation event from scratch.

google maps navigation route

Stop off the freeway for a cup of joe or some needed gas without disrupting Google Maps’ navigation tools.

The search icon works as a floating action button, popping out with options for gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops. Touch the icon again if there’s another place you want to stop that doesn’t fit into those categories.

You can do a general search for “gas stations” even if you’re not using navigation. However, prices aren’t available for every station on the planet yet, so your results may vary depending upon where you live and which stations are nearby.

Google Maps 9.16 is rolling out in the Play Store. You can grab it now from APK Mirror.

The impact on you: A great benefit of Android is speedy Google Maps feature rollouts. Google tends to bring new tricks to Android first, well, because it can. Also, there are often many small tweaks hidden in each update, so it’s worth playing around with the new version to see what you can come up with.

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