15 spooky, scary Halloween games for your Android phone

Looking for scares you can take anywhere? Grab these games and get ready.

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Boo for you

A lot of scare-centric entertainment is consumed on larger screens: people flock to movie theaters to watch the latest slasher flick, or turn off all the lights to play a survival horror game on the TV. But there’s plenty of spooky stuff available right on your phone or tablet, and all you need to do is plug in some headphones and steel yourself for a fright.

Some of these games overtly focus on terror, delivering jump-scares and gruesome twists. Others offer more of an ominous, unsettling vibe as you explore darkened buildings or solve puzzles. In any case, all 15 of these games are worth a look if you’re planning on scaring up some eerie, portable thrills as Halloween nears.

spooky games limbo


Limbo is a tremendous game: an atmospheric puzzle-platformer that instills a real sense of wonder as you guide a small boy through uncertain terrain. It also instills just as much dread, thanks to the monochromatic aesthetic and heavy use of shadows. You don’t know what’s ahead. And sometimes, you’ll wish you hadn’t found out so quickly.

At times, it might be a gargantuan spider, or maybe a large animal trap that quickly crushes your feeble body. Unlike a lot of games on this list, Limbo isn’t specifically designed to be scary, but there’s real tension in your explorations, and it’s surely one of the most memorable games found on this list.

Limbo ($2)

spooky games walkingdead

The Walking Dead

Like the comics and TV series—which share the premise, but focus on different characters—Telltale’s The Walking Dead episodic game series can be downright horrific. Graphic, gut-wrenching violence comes in the early moments of the five-part first season, and better yet, there’s a young kid involved. But that’s what happens when the undead rise, right?

While it’s true that The Walking Dead has its gruesome moments, not to mention some in which an enemy will jump out at you, the adventure really does have a compelling story, rich characters, and a great balance between watching and playing. And the actions and decisions you make help shape the direction of the tale, which then leads into a full second season.

The Walking Dead: Season One (Episode One free; $15 for full season)

spooky games darkmeadow

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Released in the wake of iOS smash Infinity Blade, Dark Meadow: The Pact takes a similar first-person, swipe-centric fighting design and builds a creepy little adventure around it. You wake up in the bed of a long-abandoned hospital with no clue what’s happening, and only an old, seemingly delirious man in a wheelchair there to guide you. And then the monsters show up.

Wandering the halls, you’ll encounter aggressive creatures that you’ll need to battle back with your blade, bow and arrows, and items. As you explore the grounds, you’ll find all manner of creepy sights and start piecing together a storyline, which proves as unsettling as the initial premise itself.

Dark Meadow: The Pact (Free)

spooky games intothedead

Into the Dead

Running right Into the Dead, as the title suggests, is not a very good idea. Running around the dead and making sure their decayed mitts never touch you? That’s a much better plan. Into the Dead puts a fun, atmospheric twist on the endless runner by tossing you into a field at night and challenging you to stay alive by dodging the zombies creeping all around.

The further you run, the more the undead walkers bunch up and swipe at you, but you’ve got some potential tools to grab and unlock: firearms and power-ups. The first-person perspective and foggy terrain give Into the Dead a nicely eerie aesthetic, and it’s always startling when you do finally eat dirt—and get eaten, naturally. 

Into the Dead (Free)

scary games templerun2

Temple Run 2

It’s been out for a few years now, but it’s nice to see that Temple Run 2 can still put on a good show to bring back lapsed players for some Halloween fun. The behind-the-back runner has been decked out with an array of timely visual tweaks, which make for a spirited sprint. 

The new Spooky Summit environment is decked out with pumpkins, ghost icons, and eerie sights, plus all of the characters have been given new skins—turning your usually-generic lead into a skeleton, monster, or werewolf. You’ll also swim through slime and ride into a haunted mineshaft along the way, and while these visual enhancements don’t really change the gameplay, it’s a fun reason to revisit this freemium great. 

Temple Run 2 (Free)

spooky games fivenights

Five Nights at Freddy's

“The animatronic characters do get a bit quirky at night,” says the voicemail you hear in the opening moments of Five Nights at Freddy’s, left by a previous worker at the fictional Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Talk about an understatement. You’ve just begun an overnight watchman job at the family eatery, only to find the fuzzy friends are left to roam freely at night—and they’re homicidal.

Your job? Stay alive by swapping between various camera feeds coming into the security office, and use the facility’s limited power supply to turn on lights and close doors. It’s simple in design, but surprisingly effective in its sudden scares—and the lo-fi franchise has become a sensation, with three sequels, millions of downloads, and a movie adaptation planned.

Five Nights at Freddy’s ($3)

spooky games callofduty

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

When night falls, the immensely popular military shooter series becomes… a cooperative zombie zapper? Yup. While it’s a side mode on consoles and PC, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies gets its own standalone Android release, tasking you with defending a location from the aggressive, undead shamblers trying to bust through the barriers.

You’ll consistently rebuild those barriers in each of the three levels, and mow down any zombies that smash through or come too close. It’s a survival-centric affair, and best enjoyed with up to three online players in tow, but you can play it solo too. While action-oriented, Black Ops Zombies contains many tense, briefly terrifying moments—particularly when you turn around and suddenly find a half-dozen bloodthirsty monsters about to pounce.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies ($7)

scary games subwaysurfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is always a reliable pick for seasonal themes, and sure enough, this enduringly fun endless runner has been decked out for Halloween. Now, Jake—the young, graffiti-tagging hooligan you control—is trying to evade a Frankenstein’s monster while sprinting through a Transylvania-themed course.

As ever, the goal is dodge obstacles on the train tracks by leaping, changing lanes, and rolling, all while trying to collect as many coins, power-ups, and items as you can. Besides the new pursuer, the entire setting is loaded with spooky sights and pumpkins alike, plus there are Halloween-themed costumes and other goodies to unlock. 

Subway Surfers (Free)

scary games hiddencity

Hidden City

Object-find games thrive on smartphones and tablets, and one of the most popular entries today has been given a Halloween makeover. G5’s Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is already an atmospheric game, set in a mystical metropolis filled with monsters and magic, so the addition of Halloween scenery fits in nicely. 

The world map is now decorated with pumpkins and ghosts amidst the darkened streets, but there’s a lot more than that: the biggest is Jack’s Castle, a new scene added for the occasion. You can also unlock Halloween-themed avatars and items by completing events during the month, and the added perks help make this a seasonal treat for hidden-object fans.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows (Free)

spooky games theroom2

The Room Two

The Room belongs in the pantheon of great, original touch games, delivering a series of intricate puzzle boxes to solve as you unravel the plot. It looks sharp, plays really well on a phone or tablet, and crucially delivers an expert sense of atmosphere and mystery. While the original is an ideal starting point, The Room Two makes more of an effort to make its rooms feel not just ominous, but truly eerie.

For example, the chapter that takes place within a séance room? That’s surely designed to give you the heebie-jeebies as you explore the surroundings and sort out solutions. Like the original, The Room Two excels at creating a quiet sense of unease amidst the engaging puzzles.

The Room Two ($2)

spooky games fivenights4

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

We won’t list each and every Freddy’s game here: the second game is much like the first, while the third changes the setting to a horror attraction based on the pizzeria. But they’re all very similar in approach. However, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is a major shake-up to the series design, moving the action to a child’s bedroom and twisting the themes.

Although now a tyke, you’ll play much the same role: keeping an eye and ear out for incoming fuzzy threats in the shadows by looking out doors and peering into the closet. Surviving through all of the nights remains the big draw, with numerous jolting scares found along the way. Like all previous versions, it has a free demo version to try first.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 ($3)

spooky games sisters


It’s already unsettling to disconnect yourself from the real world by peering into a virtual reality headset. That’s especially true when the digital world you enter is designed to totally freak you out. Sisters is one of the best examples to date of VR scares with Google Cardboard, even at a running time of just a few minutes.

The VR experience starts in a small room with a couple of eerie-looking dolls on the mantle, but as the rain patters against the windows and you look all around the surroundings, things happen. A door opens. The dolls disappear. We’ll leave the rest to you to discover, but while not significantly interactive, Sisters is an essential Cardboard scare showcase.

Sisters (Free)

spooky games hellraid

Hellraid: The Escape

Designed as a companion to a big console game (which itself was eventually put on hold), Hellraid: The Escape is a first-person adventure that is seriously unsettling at times. Within a minute of starting the quest, you’re decapitated by an armor-clad warrior—but after waking up in a coffin and pushing aside the lid, you find that you can send your soul out into an alternate version of the world to find clues and solve puzzles.

That produces some eerie moments. One stage has you floating through almost-completely pitch dark rooms as horrifying screams echo in the distance. Eventually, something is sure to jump out at you—good luck holding in that scream. Great atmosphere really carries Hellraid

Hellraid: The Escape ($3)

spooky games eyes


Eyes isn’t all that different from Slender-Man in design, as you’re wandering around accumulating items while an ominous threat pops up occasionally. Only here, you’re trapped within a black-and-white mansion with randomly shaking objects and walls adorned with creepy eyeball icons… oh, and the enemy is a horrifying, flying serpent lady.

It’s freaky. It’s super freaky. The approach is familiar, but Eyes deserves credit for riffing on the Slender-Man approach without copying it. And unlike the guy in the suit, you’ll very obviously know to run as soon as you see the enemy here. Simply wandering the dark rooms might make you uneasy, given what could be around the next corner.

Eyes (Free)

spooky games 7thguest

The 7th Guest: Remastered

A legend of the horror game genre, The 7th Guest debuted in 1993 and helped establish the use of full-motion video and pre-rendered 3D graphics. Now, the CD-ROM classic has been remastered for Android, with refreshed animations, touch-centric controls, and less-frustrating interface design.

As ever, The 7th Guest puts your amnesiac protagonist into the abandoned mansion of an eccentric toymaker, where (at least) six previous guests all perished. You’ll explore the building room by room and solve an array of puzzles, all while encountering creepy visions. And there’s a wealth of bonus content for old fans to dig into, as well.

The 7th Guest: Remastered ($6)

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