A: Verizon will tack on $20 monthly fee to unlimited data subscribers

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 Oct 2015

Verizon really wants to move everyone off its unlimited data plans.

The carrier is tacking on another $20 to the monthly bill for such packages, which it stopped offering to new customers in 2011.

The first increases are to show up after November 15. A small subset of those still on a contract won’t see the jump until their contract expires, according to a CNET report. This means the price for unlimited data will leap from about $30 to $50 per month. If you add in voice calling, a bill for one person could easily top the $100 mark.

Verizon would rather see everyone join one of its recently revamped plans with data buckets no smartphone subsidies. You just choose one of the options then pay $20 per month extra for each line you want to add on.

The impact on you: If you still have a grfathered, unlimited data plan it may be time to look for something else. Odds are that Verizon is only going to tighten the squeeze or begin to throttle usage at a lower threshold in order to get everybody to move. Your best bet is one of Verizon’s new packages, or you can always look around at another carrier as the industry has embraced simpler pricing the elimination of contracts in order to lure in customers.