Here’s what we know about how Nexus otect will work

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Oct 2015

You can’t get your hs on a Nexus 6or 5X yet (although we did), but you can see how ’s Nexus otect program will work in case you’re wondering if it’s worth the extra cash.

Nexus otect is essentially ’s version of AppleCare, giving you two years of enhanced coverage for your new Nexus smartphone. The claims site, which is run by Assurant Solutions, is already live gives you more details about how the protection plan will work.

y this matters: likely launched Nexus otect as a way to give 5X 6buyers some peace of mind about their new devices. Since the phones are sold unlocked direct from , you have to fork over the full price of the phones, which start at $379 $499, respectively. en you buy a phone from a carrier, you can purchase a protection plan, so ‘s filling in that missing piece.

Fast replacement, though watch out for the deductible

If your phone is a prime target for Murphy’s w, then Nexus otect may have a lot to offer. The main attraction is an extra year of warranty coverage in case your phone goes bonkers or shuts it down for an early retirement (the stard warranty is just one year, doesn’t cover damage from your own dumb mistakes).

nexus protect Nexus otect

The Nexus otect site is where you can file claims reach out for device support if you sign up for service.

But the real attraction may be the two replacement devices you can get during that two-year period should you drop break your phone, fumble it into a pond, or have some other catastrophe. Each replacement device will require a $79 deductible. That’s certainly less than a new phone, so it could be worth it for the extra protection.

promises your new phone will ship out the next business day once a claim is approved. l filing is hled through the Nexus otect site, 24/7, though there’s also a phone number for contacting a live human. There are also some troubleshooting tips set up by in case you’re experiencing issues but aren’t ready to part with your phone wait for a new one. 

The coverage also stays with the Nexus device should you decide to sell it, which should boost the resale price. You do, however, need to contact to transfer the coverage to the new owner. 

The Nexus 5X 6are available for preorder now at the Store.