A: Make sure your Nexus 6case doesn’t cover up the laser autofocus

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Oct 2015

If you’re on the lookout for a case to suit up your Nexus 6 pay attention to this little detail. 

Apparently many third-party cases don’t have a hole for the laser autofocus sensor, which is a critical hardware component for Nexus 6photography. It’s located just to the right of the flash. You’ll get a close up if you watch ’s launch video.

If you go to the Store, you’ll notice that the cases for sale all have enough space around the camera to account for the laser autofocus. Some third-party cases have cutouts around the lens flash, but cover the area where the laser autofocus resides.

nexus cases camera

ft: Cases on the Store leave plenty of room to the right of the flash. Right: Some third-party cases cover this area, where the laser autofocus lives.

There are several different cases available on the Store, so going with one of those might be your best bet.

The impact on you:here was a lot to like in our hs-on with the Nexus 6/a>. But if you snag the wrong case it could significantly degrade your picture quality. really played up the phone’s camera performance, so you don’t want to do anything that will get in the way of great shots on your next vacation.