’s $499 xel C will be a premium tablet rocking Android Marshmallow

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Sep 2015

th ’s xel C, the company takes Android tablets high-end. Announced Tuesday at a press event in San Francisco, the xel C will have the same brushed-aluminum case with no exposed screws as its Chromebook cousin. Inside will be an Nvidia Tegra X1 quad-core processor with 3GB of DDR4 memory. It will also run the company’s latest Android Marshmallow operating system. 

pixel c angle

The xel C: Hsome brushed-aluminum on the outside, packing an Nvidia Tegra X1 quad-core processor with 3GB of DDR4 memory on the inside.

The insides will be as premium as the outside. An Nvidia Maxwell G will power the 10.2-inch sRGB touchscreen, which has a 308ppi resolution (about 4.6MM pixels) an impressive maximum brightness of 500 nits. Its aspect ratio of the square root of 2 will echo the A-series paper size used in much of the world, allow for portrait or lscape mode to accommodate a full-size keyboard.

google pixel c tablet pricing

The xel C tablet will come in 16GB 32GB versions, for $499 $599, respectively. The optional keyboard will cost $149.

ll, sort of full-size. moved five symbol keys off the keyboard (they’ll be available on the onscreen keyboard), so the remaining keys would be full-size have an 18.8mm pitch (the distance between the center of adjacent keys), very close to the 19mm pitch on a typical keyboard.

pixel c keyboard

Here’s a peek at the xel C’s keyboard layout.

The keyboard attaches to the xel C using self-aligning magnets. The xel C knows automatically whether the keyboard is attached, so you don’t have to fiddle with settings. th the keyboard attached, the screen can sit at angles of 100 degrees to 135 degrees. en the tablet’s closed, the keyboard charges inductively from it can last two months on a full charge. en you don’t need the keyboard, it can attach to the back of the tablet so you don’t lose track of it.

google pixel c tablet lightbar

This subtle lightbar on the xel C will show ’s rainbow color scheme, or you can double-tap it to get a battery life indicator. 

The xel C will also have the same mesmerizing lightbar as its xel cousin, which can show battery level with a double-tap or flash ’s rainbow color scheme. The B-C port can be used for charging or connectivity, is being deployed across ’s new Nexus devices as well. 

Finally, the xel C will have four microphones built in so it can be used with Android Marshmallow’s new voice controls. The xel C will also have dual speakers.

The xel C will be available “by holiday time,” promised. It will start at $499 for a 16GB tablet $149 for the keyboard. A 32GB tablet will cost $599.