App 5.3 preps the way for the return of auto rotation

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Sep 2015

So many of the new features that rolls out to Android come not through operating system updates, but the app.

Version 5.3 doesn’t do a ton to change how you’ll use your phone right now, but it indicates some of what’s coming up. For example, Android lice found auto rotation may return to the launcher, so those with the stock experience can view their home screen in lscape orientation. 

The teardown also spotted icons for Chrome, messaging, notes, others. This may indicate could tie in more cards that launch directly into another application.

This indicates many Now features have been moved to the app. For example, the  Now uncher’s ay Store listing hasn’t been updated since August of 2014.

However, new features show up all the time. For example, I’ve started to get more notifications from about specific weather reports sports scores.

google now push alerts

More specific weather sports cards may start showing up on your Android device.

Since the app controls so much, even more new features may roll out, especially with Now on Tap coming to Android Marshmallow.

ok for the update to 5.3 of the App from the ay Store or A Mirror.

The impact on you: There may not be any major changes yet, but you’ll always want to pay attention to any subtleties that throws up in its app updates. It will be curious to see how many other core operating system features start moving their way into the app over time, especially given Android’s vast fragmentation.