Android device updates: Several Samsung devices grab Android 5.1, other small fixes

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Sep 2015

A ton of Samsung devices are first in line for Android updates this week.

T-Mobile’s newest Galaxy phones, the AT&T Galaxy Tab 4, Verizon’s Note o 12.2 are among those getting some fresh software. However, the buzz is building around what’s coming up next, with is expected to show off two new Nexus phones give more details about the availability of Android Marshmallow at a San Francisco event on Sept. 29.

In the meantime, let’s check out the latest updates. Each week, we compile all the major software updates to hit the Android ecosystem, including phones tablets on U.S. carriers, unlocked phones, Android ar smartwatches, Android TV devices. Making sure your device is running the latest available software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features with fewer bugs gaping security holes.


Galaxy S6, S6 ge, S6 ge+, Note 5: A bunch of minor updates with the ubiquitous “various bug fixes improvements” label are coming to these four phones. T-Mobile says you’ll need at least 50 percent battery life to trigger the updates. For more details, check out the update page for the Galaxy S6, S6 ge, ge+, Note 5.


Galaxy Tab 4 8.0: You’re now caught up with the latest version of Android. For a few days anyway. An over-the-air update is bringing you Android 5.1.1.


Galaxy Tab 4 8.0: st like with the AT&T model, you’re getting Android 5.1.1, so enjoy being on the freshest version of Android for the next four days. ong with the usual bug fixes, Verizon says you’ll also get another “feature:” Galaxy Apps will install when you sign in to a Samsung account. Hooray?

Note o 12.2: Samsung had a giant tablet long before the id o, now it’s getting the latest roid build. The Verizon update also adds a download booster, kids mode widget, an update to Samsung’s Knox security software.


Oneus 2: OxygenOS 2.1 is rolling out now. It brings a manual mode to the camera, RAimage support for third-party camera apps, a color balance slider in the display, Microsoft Exchange support, some fixes to lagginess when switching off of airplane mode.