Firefox for Android version 41 makes it easier to switch search engines, manage bookmarks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Sep 2015

Firefox for Android is getting a nice bundle of powerful features to enable a better browsing experience on Android smartphones tablets.

Version 41 allows you to quickly choose among different search providers so you can try out some of the alternatives to .

so, Mozilla promises improved box-shadow rendering performance an easier-to-use bookmark manager that will spot duplicates. If you’re using a tablet, you can now swipe to dismiss a tab.

You should also be able to launch some links directly in an app by using Android’s Intents feature. For example if you touch a tweet, you’d have the ability to go into a Twitter app.

You can check out the full changelog from Mozilla. Firefox 41 is rolling out in the ay Store.

y this matters: One advantage of Android is that anybody can build a separate browser. So you’re free to try out Firefox, Opera, or others instead of Chrome if that suits your fancy. ile iOS does allow third-party browsers, they’re forced to use Safari’s rendering engine, limiting the amount of customization others can provide.