adds block unsubscribe capabilities to Gmail Android app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Sep 2015

Gmail for Android now gives you more power to banish annoying messages senders from your Inbox.

announced you can unsubscribe from newsletters or other mass mailings just as you have been able to on the desktop. st touch the overflow button (the one with three vertical dots) select the option.

unsub Official Gmail Blog

At long last, the ability to unsubscribe from mass emails comes to the Gmail Android app.

so, you can block senders you no longer want to hear from. The procedure here is similar, as you can go into the overflow menu ban this particular sender. Messages will then go directly to your spam.

block Official Gmail Blog

Block those annoying senders from your inbox forever.

If you primarily use Inbox, you’ll need to hop over to the Gmail app in order to deploy these new tools. 

The new features are in the latest version of Gmail for Android, which you can get from the ay Store or A Mirror.

The impact on you: Many people now do most of their email work from their smartphones. So it’s a big help when Gmail brings features you’ve come to rely on to its Android apps. This way you don’t have to run back to the computer for something like blocking a sender or newsletter. Sometimes the desktop is still best, however, as there’s a better way to block messages by using Gmail’s filters.