ay Games, otos updates offer hints at upcoming features

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Sep 2015

Code hidden in the latest updates to ay Games otos give us a good tease about new tricks coming with these apps.

ay Games may soon be the home for streaming your Android games to YouTube Gaming. And otos may make it easier to group pictures together let others edit your albums.

y this matters: often does some of the prep work with app updates, even though the features might be planned for a future release. eking at what’s contained inside the code gives you a nice preview at what’s to come how is positioning the apps’ capabilities.

YouTube Gaming streaming may come to ay Games

know that is planning on bringing YouTube Gaming streaming to Android, as the company recently launched the feature in pan. However, Android lice found code in the version 1.5 release of ay Games indicates how may pull this off here. It appears that much of the work resides with ay Games, which could use to help you tag or invite others to game sessions.

The overall plan appears to be that YouTube Gaming will be the app you use to watch gaming streams, while ay Games will be the dashboard for sharing your own action.

Grab ay Games version 3.3 from the ay Store or A Mirror.

otos hints at collaborative albums, Chromecast support

otos may soon exp the sharing capabilities. The report indicates that is working on some type of album collaboration feature, which would allow you to give another access to modify edit pictures in an album. Currently you’re just able to share a batch of photos with a link.

so, some type of labeling feature may appear to permanently identify individuals in your photo collection. Currently, otos can recognize a person group photos of that individual, but you can’t give him or her a name. th this new capability, you may be able to search for photos of “” or “Annie” once you’ve identified them in your albums.

Finally, support for Chromecast is also in the works. Though that can’t get here soon enough as it feels like a feature that should be here already considering these are all products that ought to work together easily.

Get otos version 1.5 from the ay Store or A Mirror.