ay Music, Gmail Android apps both l helpful updates

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Sep 2015

Both ay Music Gmail got a couple of nice updates this week that will have you listening with ease to your tunes soon crafting better formatted Gmail messages.

th ay Music, version 6.0.1995S now supports gapless playback when streaming over a Chromecast. The changelog also indicates no more stoppage of playback between songs if your phone turns off or you leave while casting.

Your phone will now send the playlist information to the Chromecast, which knows to pull it down from ay Music, according to an A teardown by Android lice.

th Gmail, version 5.6 is mostly under-the-hood changes, though there are hints of more to come. The code reveals rich text formatting may be in the future, so you’d be able to add bold, italics, strikethrough, colors, other changes.

The other code strings indicate some type of interaction with Calendar. can already add events automatically into your Calendar with services like Now, but perhaps more collaborative or more connected capabilities are coming.

y this matters: The playback updates are pretty nice, as it’s pretty annoying when someone takes their phone with them to grab more drinks the music stops. Music streaming is quite the competitive lscape right now, so needs to throw all it can at ay Music to get people to tune in.