Report: ‘s next Android ar watch will have three buttons September launch date

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Sep 2015

may have a new smartwatch in the works, with an announcement to come by the end of September.

That’s the buzz from two “trusted sources” who apparently granted Android lice a sneak peek. The site didn’t offer any images of the watch, instead offering a description. 

The report says it’s another circular watch, though this timepiece will have a total of three buttons on the body. The tch Urbane G tch R both have a crown button, so it’d be interesting to see what additional kind of functionality might build in to Android ar.

The body is apparently a mashup of “brushed polished metallic silver textures.” so, the b is a black silicone rubber material, with a general aesthetic that is supposedly a stylistic break from the other watches.

There’s not much to go on besides conjecture at this point, so we’ll just have to wait it out. It’s rather odd for to skip IFA to launch such a watch, given there’s so much media attention at the conference, so many other Android ar watches unveiled there. could not be quite ready yet, or the company might want the spotlight all to itself. 

y this matters: Android ar has yet to really take off, with watch makers trying to find the right balance of style functionality in order to convince buyers they need another screen device to charge. The biggest jolt to come to Android ar was the recent announcement that the Huawei tch future devices will work with the ione