10 reasons a smartwatch is absolutely essential

Smartwatches are as game-changing as mobile phones! Or the Internet! Or sliced bread!

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Is 2015 the year of the smartwatch?

Absolutely. Smartwatches—everything from the Moto 360 to the ASUS ZenWatch to the Apple Watch—are completely revolutionizing society. They’re even more revolutionary than smartphones, because they’re like tiny smartphones on your wrist.

Here are 10 reasons your smartwatch is a critical part of your life:

It tells you what time it is

Before you had a smartwatch, you had to dig into your pocket or purse and pull out your phone to figure out if you were running late. But now you have a time-telling device strapped to your wrist. Never has telling the time been more convenient!

It needs to be charged every night

Having an unused plug really messes with the Feng Shui of your power strip, and it’s not like you need a third phone. Smartwatch to the rescue!

Instant notifications

Your smartwatch notifies you the second you get a new email, and you actually feel the notification, because it’s connected to your body. Sure, reading and responding to an email on your smartwatch is a terrible (and sometimes impossible) experience, but just knowing you got an email is the most important part.

It stores music

There’s nothing like going for a run without your phone. Because your smartwatch stores music, you can now run free—while listening to a glorious loop of the 12 songs you were able to put on your smartwatch before you ran out of space.

It only works with your phone

Your smartwatch is awesome because it lets you do all most of some of the things you can do on your phone, only without your phone. As long as your phone is within Bluetooth range.

It’s stylish

Is there anything sexier than constantly wearing a big, chunky piece of technology that will almost certainly be obsolete within a year? I mean, it’s not like you have other things you might want to wear on your wrist.

It has a heart rate monitor

Wrist-based heart rate monitors are semi-accurate…ish. Yet another winning feature of your smartwatch that you’ll use often in everyday life when you need to get a rough estimation of your resting heart rate (you have a pulse! You’re not dead!)

It’s expensive

A smartwatch is a status symbol—it says “I don’t just have an expensive phone, I also have an expensive accessory for that phone.”

It doubles as an activity tracker

Who needs a smart pedometer or an activity tracker when you can spend three times as much for something with slightly more functionality? You like feeling judged when you don’t manage to get your 10,000 steps in every day.

You look like a spy

No sarcasm here: This is a legitimate reason to love your smartwatch.

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