10 embarrassingly lazy things you do with your phone

Texting your roommate to get you something from the kitchen? Check.

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Face it: Your smartphone is an enabler. Thanks to your handy little always-connected pocket device, you now no longer have to do anything that requires any effort , whether that’s interacting with other human beings or getting out of bed to turn off the lights. In fact, you’ve almost reached the heady heights of those fat future blob humans in WALL-E (goals, right?).

Here are 10 super lazy—er, super-efficient—things you do with your phone (even if you won’t admit it).

Text your roommate

Or your significant other, or whoever else lives in your house. While you’re in your house. With them. Like when you’re thirsty and you want them to get you a glass of water. Or when you’re in bed…and you want them to come close the door to the bedroom.

Make that lazy texting

When your phone autocorrects your words into typos, you just leave ‘em like that. Going back and fixing typos is way too much work. Besides, the person you’re texting will probably get the gist of the message, right?

Screen your calls

Admit it: You do this so you can ignore calls from people who actually want to talk, like your mother. Talking = effort.

Turn off your lights

You replaced all the lightbulbs in your house with smart Wi-Fi connected bulbs. Not because you want to save the environment, but because you want to be able to turn off the light in the kitchen without having to get off the couch.

Read Google Voice voicemails

You’d rather try to decipher Google Voice’s truly awful voice-to-text translation of voicemails than actually take the time to listen to those voicemails.

Use Google Maps as an excuse to stay home

“Oh no, I just checked the traffic on Google Maps…it’s brutal. I can’t make it. Maybe next time!”

Let your phone die

Sometimes that charger is just too far away. More than an arm’s length away.

Order food

And not just any food. You’re too lazy to open up GrubHub or Seamless and look through a menu. Instead, you just use the app Push for Pizza to get immediate pizza.

Watch Netflix

Sure, you could get something with a bigger screen, like a tablet or a laptop. But that would require moving. Big blockbuster movies look great on a 5-inch screen!

Try to game your fitness apps

You’ve done everything, from trying to mimic running by bouncing your phone up and down to strapping your fitness tracker to your dog—because you stupidly connected Facebook to all those fitness apps, and now your friends know if you’re working out or not.

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