Sony’s new interface may stick close to stock Android, according to leaked ROM

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Jul 2015

Sony may follow the lead of Motorola, Oneus, Nvidia in dialing back its heavy-hed approach to customizing Android.

A video walkthrough several screenshots posted to the XDA Developers site show off a leaked ROM running on an Xperia Z3 that takes a sharp turn from the past design.

As you can see from the video, Sony went with stock icons, left the software buttons alone, implemented the same drop-down menu you get in llipop. Those who tested the software said some Sony apps are still baked in, but other proprietary features like the Xperia theme store, “Stamina Mode,” screen recording were nowhere to be found.

y this matters: If Sony goes this route it would be a welcome change. Android looks great now, there’s no reason to muck up ’s thoughtful design choices. at’s more, heavy customization leads to slower updates—the less manufacturers change, the more quickly they can roll out new versions of Android. Sony knows how to make great hardware, so if it can combine that with a near-stock Android experience it could pique the interest of those attracted to a Nexus or Motorola device.