Skype for Android 5.6 adds ‘Recent’ tab to catch up on all your conversations

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Jul 2015

If you use Skype for multiple instant-message conversations, you’ll like the version 5.6 update that went live dnesday. 

Skype added a Recents tab, which put more conversations just one touch away. The app also has several visual tweaks, such as round avatars a status indicator on all the different screens so you know if that contact is available. 

The color for the chat bubbles has also been lightened so the text pops out more in the conversation view.

In a blog post, Skype says the update includes the usual bug fixes stability improvements. The update is rolling out to the ay Store.

The impact on you: It’s a good addition if you use Skype, as the conversations could get a little jumped together if you had a lot of them going at once. Microsoft is all about getting its services on multiple platforms (like Office for Android), so expect the work on Skype to continue at a fairly robust pace.