releases Android M Developer eview 2 with bug fixes new As

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Jul 2015

en released the Android M Developer eview at I/O in May, it promised updates on a nearly monthly schedule leading up to launch in the fall. Today it makes good on that promise (albeit maybe a little late) with Developer eview 2.

Available for the Nexus 5, 6, 9, Nexus ayer, this new update to the Developer eview includes a host of tweaks bug fixes based on feedback from the developer community. rhaps more importantly, it includes near-final As for developers to work into their apps.

lists the major changes as follows:

Android atform Changes:

  • Modifications to platform permissions including external storage, -Fi & Bluetooth location, changes to contacts/identity permissions. Device connections through the B port are now set to charge-only mode by default. To access the device, users must explicitly grant permission.

A Changes:

  • Updated Bluetooth Stylus As with updated callback events. View.onContextClickstener GestureDetector.OnContextClickstener to listen for stylus button presses to perform secondary actions.
  • Updated A with new callback InputDevice.hasMicrophone() method for determining if a device microphone exists.

Fixes for developer-reported issues:

  • TextInputyout doesn’t set hint for embedded itText. (fixed issue)
  • Camera rmission issue with gacy Apps (fixed issue)

If you’re running the Developer eview already, you’ll get this update delivered over-the-air within the coming days. If you’re impatient, you can head to the Developer eview site download a new system image. nt to get in on the fun? Here’s how to install the developer preview on your own Nexus device.

The impact on you: Even if you don’t plan on running the Developer eview yourself, frequent public updates like this are good news for you as an Android user. The more people get their hs on ‘s new operating system early, the more bugs get reported fixed, the more developers update their apps to take advantage of the new features.

Android llipop was the first Android release to get an early public developer preview, but it still shipped with a wide array of bugs has been slow to roll out to devices. The company needs to work harder to rectify these issues with the Android M release this fall.