Offline ‘OK ‘ capability found hidden inside latest app for Android update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Jun 2015

l of those cool  Now voice comms that are at your beck call may soon work even if your phone isn’t connected to the Internet.

Evidence for offline functionality in version 4.8 of the app was unearthed by Android lice when digging through the A. Several strings of code indicate you may be able to make a call, send a text, play music, or perform other comms without an Internet connection. If you try to use the app when you’re offline now (such as in airplane mode or just out of the range of your cellular network) you’ll get the following message: “Can’t reach at the moment.” 

The A teardown also found that your device may warn you if you’re connected to an insecure network. esumably would use its vast array of collected network data to tell you about a sketchy -Fi connection.

There are also more voice comms in the works, which would give you the capability to tell your phone to change the volume or screen brightness. 

Additionally, the code hints at some type of map functionality that would tap into local restaurants, gas stations, transit information or other attractions. Now already dabbles in this area by suggesting gas stations or nearby places to check out depending on your location. It’s another sign of how wants its service to be the key hub for helping you find things to do when away from home.

Finally, some unearthed icons hint at a widget for your home screen that would launch a reminder. This would be hy if you want to set a new reminder in Now but are in a meeting or on the train don’t want to be one of those people seen talking to your phone.

The story behind the story: The app its voice capabilities are among Android’s key differentiators. Android M will see even deeper integration with  Now On Tap, which will more directly interact with applications on your device. The future of Android, mobile devices in general, is about context anticipating what service you will need when. is well poised to do this given how much information it has about you through its services, through Soundhound’s Hound Microsoft’s Cortana also want a piece of this action.