9 Ways Your Smartphone is Making You Less Productive

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 26 Jun 2015

Smartphones are awesome. Having the Internet in the palm of your hand is fabulous. And constantly connecting to your peers and co-workers makes you super-productive, right? WRONG!! If anything, your smartphone is a considerable distraction between you and getting work done. Before you can even think about sitting down and being productive. You’ll need to play a few games, shoot off some emails, and check your friend’s Facebook timelines. The second you decide to start working, you get 56 push notifications from Twitter, Instagram, and Clash of Clans. Your smartphone definitely makes you less productive. And Here’s why!

You’re Always Working

night 1

You might think that being able to fire off work emails in the middle of the night makes you extra productive. But I suppose you might be wrong. Being constantly connected to work makes you less effective during the work day. After all, If you don’t finish a task at the office. No worries, you can do it on your phone later.

You Can’t Sleep

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Asian women are using the smart phone on the bed before she sleeping at night. Mobile addict concept.

Science says that the bluish light from smartphone screens interferes with your ability to get a good night’s sleep. That’s right. Your phone actually makes you less productive, at sleeping.

Constant Notifications

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Are push notifications actually helpful? Do you really need to know every single time someone likes one of your pictures on Facebook? Probably not. And those constant interruptions are probably not great for getting work done.

Email is The Ultimate Productivity Killer

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Email is nasty for your productivity because it masquerades itself as work. Why not take a break and answer some emails? You’re are technically working! Add a push notification every time you get a new email.

You’re Bad at Remembering Things

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Did you know that Internet usage affects your memory? When you know that the answer to a question is just a search away. There’s no reason for you to remember what the answer actually is. And thanks to your smartphone, you have the Internet everywhere.

Freemium Game Addiction

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You probably thought freemium games that force you to wait between turns are perfect. After all, they can’t kill your productivity too much since a hiatus is basically built in. Yeah, that would work if you played just one freemium game. But you play 15, and by the time you’re done with the 15th. The first one is ready to go again!

You’re Actually a Terrible Multitasker

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Trying to do many things at once doesn’t make you efficient. It just makes you bad at all of those things. Driving and texting? Bad. Texting working? Bad. Driving working? Probably bad unless you’re a truck driver.

It Shortens Your Attention Span

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Teachers say that technology is affecting students’ attention span. Namely, smartphones, and other distractions are making it difficult for kids to focus, communicate, think critically. You may not be a kid, but your phone is affecting your attention span.

Its Very Presence is Distracting

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You don’t even have to be using your phone for it to affect your productivity. The mere presence of your smartphone is distracting, according to researchers at the University of Southern Maine.

This is You, At Work

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Thanks, smartphones!