Samsung pushes out app to fix missing quick settings in Galaxy S6, Edge

It's an unusual solution for a software fix, but at least you won't have to contend with this annoying bug anymore by grabbing the app.

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Florence Ion

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Samsung has a rather odd solution to a software bug: a new app. 

Apparently some Galaxy S6 and Edge owners saw a few of their quick toggle settings disappear, which could be rather annoying. To fix this you need to head to the Galaxy Apps store (get to it from this link on your device) and download the QuickPanel Restore app.

After the installation you should be back to normal. Samsung hasn’t indicated what went wrong, but at least they’ve cranked out a quick fix. The company may have gone with an app as the solution, rather than an OS update, because that’s the fastest way to make an update available to everyone—a strategy Google employs by putting its core apps in the Play Store.

The impact on you: Even if you’re not one to mess with the quick settings, you should definitely grab this download. Often times there are other problems that can lurk behind a software bug, so it’s best to just get it taken care of before any other oddities pop up.

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