Android 5.1 clocks in for Moto 360, leading a busy week of Android updates

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Despite being arguably the flagship Android Wear smartwatch, the Moto 360 is dead last in getting the update to 5.1 software update.

At least it’s finally here. The update is rolling out now, though there’s no telling when exactly it will hit your device—it can take a few days.

There were some other key devices to get updates for a variety of devices, so let’s get to the them.

Each week we compile all the major software updates to hit the ecosystem, including phones and tablets on U.S. carriers, unlocked phones, Android Wear smartwatches, and Android TV devices. Making sure your device is running the latest available software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features with fewer bugs and gaping security holes.

Android Wear

Moto 360: There were reports that performance issues were behind the holdup for Android Wear 5.1.1 on the Moto 360. They must be fixed, as the update is finally on its way to the Moto 360. Android Police has the files if you want to flash it yourself, but make sure you know how to perform ADB commands. Otherwise, you’re best waiting for it to come to you.

Android TV

Nvidia Shield TV: The software gets a bump to version 1.2 and brings a lot of improvements. It enables 4K video support for photos and videos and improves streaming with Netflix and Google Play Movies. Also, MPEG-2 support and better handling of Nvidia’s gamestream service should be the norm after you get the update.


Galaxy S6, S6 Edge: Android 5.1.1 is here for Samsung’s latest flagships. Look for a 630MB download that brings dialed back heads-up notifications, Samsung’s anti-theft features, and the usual round of bug fixes.


Galaxy Tab S 8.4: Samsung has a lot of different tablets. That’s why several months after Lollipop’s release it’s finally just now showing up for some models. AT&T says you’re getting Android 5.0.2, so you finally get all that Material Design, new animations, and updated notification styles you’ve watched all your Lollipop-carrying friends get.


OnePlus One: The latest Cyanogen OS 12 release is supposed to fix touchscreen sensitivity (an ongoing issue with this phone), Bluetooth connection, and problems with MMS messages. Android Police posted a couple of zip files, but the right one depends on the specific build for your device. If you’re running OxygenOS, then you’ll want this version 1.01 update that addresses, you guessed it, touchscreen performance.

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