15 stupid ways you break your phone

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Smartphones are pretty fragile – but they’re not that fragile. These little glass-and-metal gadgets don’t just die for no reason (okay, sometimes they do, but that’s beside the point). Usually it’s the added element of human stupidity that leads to broken phones.

Here are 15 stupid ways you break your smartphone. I may or may not have broken my smartphone in more than one of these ways – no judgment!

You dropped it

In the 10 seconds it was unprotected because you were putting a new case on.

You threw it

Because you were watching a scary movie on Netflix and a monster popped up and scared the crap out of you. Or maybe you just weren’t thinking, and you tossed it to the side.

You sat on it

You’re the kind of person who stuffs your phone in your back pocket. Even though you know giant smartphone screens are just a little fragile.

It fell in the toilet

You didn’t learn from the last one: your phone was in your back pocket and you went to pull your pants down…

It fell on the ground

When you were trying to balance it on a ledge to take a creative selfie. That’s what Gorillapods are for!

It fell off the roof of your car

You put it on the roof of your car, forgot about it, and then drove off. Whoops.

You put it in a blender

You wanted to see if it would blend. Of course it would. It's a phone in a blender, dummy.

You kicked it

Well, you dropped it and tried to catch it with your foot. And let’s just say soccer is not in your future.

You threw it against a wall

You were angry and you wanted to break something. Congrats. You broke something.

You threw it in the washer

Okay, so you left it in your pocket (OMG, stop putting your phone in your pocket) and threw your jeans in the washer.

You dropped it in the tub

You’re so dependent on your phone that you can’t even take a “relaxing” bath unless you’re playing Words With Friends and checking your work email.

You snagged the charging cable

Why do they make these cables so short?!

You tried to wash it off

You got something on your phone and, in a moment of utter stupidity, decided to wash it off in the sink. Um, yeah.

You dropped something on it

You put your phone on the floor so you wouldn’t drop it. Then you promptly dropped a book on the floor…onto your phone.

You fell asleep holding it

Unfortunately, unconscious you has a very weak grip.

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