30 perfectly good cases to consider for your Samsung Galaxy S6

Need a case? Still don't know which to get? Here is a heaping of choices to get you started on your case-shopping journey.

Rob Schultz

Pick a case, any case

There is one reason, above all others, for putting a case on that shiny new S6 you’re carrying around: You—like all the rest of us—are an entirely fallible human being, which means that at some point you are going to drop, bump, crunch, dump, or lose hold of your smartphone. Someone is going to bump your elbow at the wrong time or a pocket will fail you and it is going to hit the deck. It happens, and that’s why it’s well worth shelling out roughly the price of a pizza for a case to protect your investment.

We pulled 30 cases on and off the Galaxy S6 over the course of a few weeks and tested them so that you can find the one that suits you best, whether you need something rugged, waterproof, inexpensive, or barely there.

bodyglove rise
Rob Schultz

Body Glove Rise

The Body Glove Rise is a simple, slim case that emphasizes a close fit to the phone with minimal distractions from its functions. There are cutouts on the sides of the case for the power and volume buttons, making them easy to access. The brushed metal version of the case also has a row of raised ridges that feel smooth, but not grippy. The Rise was easy to pop on and off the phone, though didn’t fit closely across the face of the phone—a small sliver of the side lay vunlerable along the top and bottom of the device.


bodyglove satin
Rob Schultz

Body Glove Satin

This slim-fit case is available in five colors and has a textured feel on the back akin to wood grain, though it’s just plastic. It was easy to pop on and off, but fit more snugly in the corners of the phone than along the sides.

The standout feature here is the case's microbial protection, which keeps away germs and bacteria—a bonus for when you bring your phone into the bathroom with you, and then realize how gross that actually is.


griffin reveal
Rob Schultz

Griffin Technology Reveal

For those who want the bare minimum of a case, the Reveal is a thinner version of the brand's Survivor Core, though its thicker polycarbonate shell backing adds about 1.6mm of thickness.

The frame itself is smooth to the touch and it was easy enough to wiggle the Galaxy S6 in and out. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t even really want a case at all, this is the closest you’re going to get.


griffin survivor
Rob Schultz

Griffin Technology Survivor All-Terrain

Griffin says that the Survivor All-Terrain can protect the Galaxy S6 from drops, dust, sand, rain, impacts, and vibrations. This case also apparently exceeds the US Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810G standards.

I say: Holy crap, is this ever a crazy large and rugged case. It consists of three pieces: a rubber base that cradles the Galaxy S6, a clear plastic face that snaps on to the base, and a holster with a clip to attach the case to a belt or strap.

The base features rubbery flexible portions with diamonds of harder plastic for reinforcement. At the bottom, there are tabs that you can pull out to get to the headphone and power ports.

Overall, this case is completely rugged and a complete overkill unless you’re on an underwater construction site—or Jason Bourne’s stunt double.


incipio octane
Rob Schultz

Incipio Octane

The Octane has a smooth, stiff-frosted polycarbonate back shell that feels a bit like tire treads when touched, though I didn't actually like the feel of it. The rim on the face of the phone is raised enough to protect the front of the phone when it’s placed face down. The buttons were responsive, accessible, and easy to find by feel alone. 


incipio stowaway
Rob Schultz

Incipio Stowaway Credit Card Case

The Stowaway has a slot in the back of the case that pops open to store two credit cards, or it can be used as a kickstand to prop up the phone. The downside is you can’t use it as both a cardholder and a kickstand at the same time.

The case itself is made from polycarbonate and polymer. Incipio also packs this case with its own screen protector.


otter defender
Rob Schultz

Otterbox Defender Series

The Otterbox Defender case consists of three parts: A rigid shell, a rubbery slipcover, and a holster. It was the second largest set up after the Griffin Survivor, though unlike the Survivor, the Defender is available in seven different color combinations, and you can mix and match.

Once the phone is in the two-layer case, it snaps easily into place in the holster. Removing it is another story, however, as I had to struggle a bit to dislodge it each time. There are also port covers that protect the headphone and power jacks from water damage. The slipcover also features a built-in screen protector. 


otter symmetry
Rob Schultz

Otterbox Symmetry Series

The Symmetry has a stiff, smooth polycarbonate exterior with a raised rubber pattern in the interior designed to absorb shock. It's rigid, with a very slight amount of give at the sides to wiggle the Galaxy S6 in and out. It comes in seven colors and feels firm and substantial in hand. The raised edge on the face of the phone keeps it from resting flush with surfaces, and it fit the Galaxy S6 like a proverbial glove.

Overall this case is solid, like the neighbor who not only lets you borrow their tools but also volunteers to help you with the repairs.


puregear hipcase
Rob Schultz

PureGear HIP Case+

The HIP Case+ aims to do it all: a card holder, a holster, and a kickstand. But like the Incipio Stowaway, the card slot is located in the holster itself, so if you eschew the holster, you lose out on the card slot feature. And while there are cut-outs to access the ports and buttons, I found the volume buttons particularly hard to access when the case was attached to the holster. The soft material of the case also made it a bit difficult to slide it in an out of the holster while faced out.

Fortunately, the kickstand worked well for watching videos, but that's about all it's good for. 


puregear dualtek
Rob Schultz

PureGear DualTek Extreme Shock Case

The DualTek’s focus is on ergonomics and shock absorption across the board. This whole case is essentially built to protect your phone, while remaining relatively slim and incredibly easy to hold.

Available in four colors, the DualTek is a single, slim piece with rubber reinforced edges on both the interior and exterior of the case for drop protection. It also features patterned rubber along the sides of the frame to make it easier to hold onto.

The DualTek fit really nicely on the Galaxy S6 and overall, it was enjoyable to use and had no real drawbacks.


Rob Schultz

Speck CandyShell Grip

Of all the Speck cases we tested, the CandyShell Grip was the best. The rubber bumper fits well around the face of the Galaxy S6 and the strips of contrasting colored rubber on the back gives the case a comfortable feel and keeps it from sliding around.

The Grip is available in seven two-tone colors, so there's bound to be one you can relate to. It’s an attractive enough case and has been certified to meet or exceed military-grade drop test standards. While we didn’t risk drop testing the Galaxy S6 in the case, it does seem to have the right combination of sturdiness and flexibility. 


Rob Schultz

Speck CandyShell Inked

The CandyShell Inked case come in five pretty patterns with matching wallpapers that can be downloaded to your phone. Like the regular CandyShell, the case is fairly straightforward, and slips on and off relatively easily.


tech21 evocheck
Rob Schultz

Tech 21 Evo Check

In the hard versus flexible case debate, the Evo Check is a win for the flexible side. The entire single piece is soft and bendable. The case also features a liner around the inside frame that absorbs and distribute shocks away from the Galaxy S6.

The case itself fits the phone well. It's sturdy and protective, flexible and secure, though the checkered pattern on the inside of the case shows through on the back of the phone and is a bit visually distracting. The buttons covers could have used just a wee bit more give, too. 


Rob Schultz

Urban Armor Gear Navigator

The Navigator features a combination of a hard plastic armor shell and a stiff, rubbery impact resistant core. Its feather light composite construction feels smooth and grippy. It's also got a rugged look, and the bumper on the front is raised enough to protect the face of the phone. Like the Griffin Survivor, it meets military drop test standards, and it even kind of looks like a Stormtrooper.


iluv jstyle
Rob Schultz

iLuv Jstyle

This genuine leather case has a bit of texture to it, and it feels thick and solid in hand. The Galaxy S6 fits very nicely into the frame, and it was easy to pull cards in and out of the wallet portion. There’s also bonus storage behind the card slots. I did have a wee bit of difficulty accessing the volume buttons, though.

Having a wallet attached to a phone case was convenient while I was out and about during the day, but a bit less so when I was just kicking around at home. And there’s no ignoring the fact that a wallet and phone make for an attractive package to potential pickpockets.


iluv droparmor
Rob Schultz

iLuv DropArmor

Here’s what I can say about the DropArmor: It is both very protective and very challenging to pry on and off the Galaxy S6. I know this because as I was attempting to remove the case from the phone, it bounced out of my hands and onto the hardwood floor.

At least nothing happening to the phone. The DropArmor features smooth, hard molded plastic on the back, and there are cutouts over the headphone and power ports that fold open for access. It feels fairly slim in hand, and looks lightly rugged, but it is damn hard to get on and off so it’s maybe not the best choice for those who like to switch cases frequently.


spigen wallets
Rob Schultz

Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Wallet S

Spigen’s Case Wallet is like a thinner version of iLuv’s JStyle. It's made from leather and polycarbonate and available in four colors. The interior of the wallet portion of thecase contains space for three cards and a slot behind them. However, when all of these spaces are full, the wallet is a bit bulgy and doesn't close quite as tightly. And, because of the magnet that holds the case closed, cards must be inserted in a particular manner or they'll be damaged. I also struggled to access the volume and power buttons.

The Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Wallet S is pretty, but it's not working up to its potential.


spigen card slider
Rob Schultz

Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Slim Armor CS

This metallic-toned polycarbonate case has square angles and sides. It's very boxy. The TPU-lined interior is textured to absorb shock and protect your Galaxy S6, and it fits nicely on the phone. The rear of the case also offers a credit card slot that fits up to three cards. Cards did sit firmly in there, but I never felt entirely comfortable keeping those important items there. They also weren't very easy to get in and out of the card housing.


spigen neohybrid
Rob Schultz

Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid is two pieces. It took some effort to wiggle the phone on, but once it was on, it fit very nicely. In person, it looks slim and classy, and the front bumper is thick enough to protect the phone when set face down. The only thing that didn’t thrill? The textured TPU pattern on the rear of the case is a little rough to the touch.


uag folio
Rob Schultz

Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio

The Rogue Folio is a fold-over case with a front flap. The exterior is made with a water resistant grip that actually feels quite nice to hold. The inside material is also soft to touch.

The front flap can be folded all the way back to reveal a small bit of velcro, which in turn reveals a card slot can hold four cards. There’s also a built-in slot in the interior of the case for an MicroSD card.

The volume buttons easy to access with the case closed. My only gripe is that the front flap didn’t always land flush when I flipped it into place, and I constantly had to adjust it. 


versus dandyleather
Rob Schultz

Verus Wallet Case Layered Dandy Diary

The Layered Dandy Diary is a two-tone leather wallet case available in three colors. Its interior has space for three cards, as well as an extra storage slot and a stiff frame to snap the Galaxy S6 in place. There’s also a cut-out for the speaker so you can hold the whole case to your ear without flipping it open to listen to a call. Likewise, the power buttons are easy to access.

The case is overall very slender and slim, though it's actually slightly bigger than the phone's leather housing, which makes it appear as though the phone were bulging out at the sides. 


versus damdaslide
Rob Schultz

Verus Damda Slide Series

The Damda Slide features a metallic finish and stiff rubber. On the backside, it features a card slot that’s covered by a sliding cover, which fits two cards and locks into place with a satisfying click. It takes some practice to slide it open smoothly, but it’s not cumbersome. Like many of the other cases in this list, it combines hard polycarbonate and soft TPU to provide both cushioning and stability. It also comes in five colors.


versus crucialbumper
Rob Schultz

Verus Crucial Bumper Cotton Candy Series

This is a really nice case that consists of two parts: a rubbery textured base and a color-contrasting frame that fits neatly around the base to reinforce it. The button covers worked nicely and the back of the case feels well-textured and solid in-hand. However, on the back I could see where the frame and base connect and I felt like that should have sat more flush.

The ports are easy to access, at least, although it takes a solid push to connect headphones.  Also, it was not the easiest case to remove. 


ringke slim
Rob Schultz

Ringke Slim

If you are the kind of person who absolutely does not want a case, then this is a great bare minimum option. The Ringke Slim is a slender plastic base that fits the Galaxy S6 close and tight like a pair of leather pants, and Ringke includes both a front and back screen protector to protect against scratches and fingerprints. It comes in eight differetnt colors and all the ports and buttons are easy to access—no shocker there since this was one extremely lightweight, smooth case.


Rob Schultz

Joto Clear View Hybrid

The Clear View Hybrid is both clear and colored. The rear isn't quite as raised as the front side, but the frame feels grippy and comfortable in hand. Available in six colors, the case is designed to add minimal bulk to your Galaxy S6. 


obliq slimmeta
Rob Schultz

Obliq Slim Meta Ultra Slim Fit

Another log to add to the minimalist-case fire, the Obliq features a rubbery polycarbonate and metallic brushed back plate with cut-outs in either corner to make it easy to pop the phone in and out of the case. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible via the cut-outs in the sides. Overall, it's a pretty basic case with a smooth finish.


belkin gripcandyse
Rob Schultz

Belkin Grip Candy SE

The Grip Candy SE is very much akin to Tech 21’s Evo Check—both cases are very flexible, simply designed and focused on protection.

The Grip Candy is available in two color combinations and features a frosted feel on the back. The frame is made of perforated mesh grippy material and overall, the case is nice and slim.

While all the ports were easy to access, the volume and power button covers were a bit stiff and difficult to press. It was, however, very easy to remove tje case due to its dimpled edges.

caseology threshhold
Rob Schultz

Caseology Threshold Series

With two layers of construction—a stiff polycarbonate layer with a dimpled pattern on the rear, and a rubbery anti-shock TPU base—the Threshold claims to sport the finished look of a hard case with the shock absorption of a soft case.

It certainly looks great, especially its brushed metal tones, which are pretty classy and chic. However, it was difficult to wiggle the case on the Galaxy S6 and nearly impossible to take it off. I also had an issue with the fit; it was difficult to tug the case on tight enough and I had problems using the volume buttons with the case on. It's too bad, too, because the case is awfully pretty.


caseology riot
Rob Schultz

Caseology Riot Series

The Riot Series boasts a leather back to add texture and grip. Like the Threshold Series, it's very pretty in person. The leather material is molded to an anti-shock TPU layer and feels good in the hand. The case also features brushed metal accents and comes in four colors. All the ports were easy to access, though the power button was a bit recessed. Fortunately, unlike the Threshold, the Riot was fairly painless to take on and off.


griffin survivorcore
Rob Schultz

Griffin Technology Survivor Core

The Griffin’s Core series consists of a thin, fairly flexible, clear shatter-resistant polycarbonate. It's lined with a thick TPE rubber bumper frame and a grippy pattern on each corner.

The Core looks nice on the Galaxy S6 and feels good in hand. There are no issues with regards to accessing any of the ports, either, though the chassis did attract a lot of dust and detritus, so you’ll need to wipe it down before snapping it onto your handset. Overall, this is one of the best cases I tested, and I would drop my own money on this without any regrets.


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