search, Maps apps get translucent status bar other minor tweaks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 May 2015

The Maps Search apps now look a little cleaner, thanks to a tweak that turns the status bar translucent.

You’ll see the change when using Maps app, when launching the app or tapping the stalone search bar. The translucent menu was already in place, however, if you were using the Now uncher.

google maps translucent

The status bar is now translucent (left) instead of black (right) in the latest version of Maps.

Android lice spotted another gem hiding in Maps. There’s a new notification card that appears at the bottom of the screen when you start navigating. It details the fastest route lets you know of any delays that await. The design also changes the look of some of the alternative route bubbles.

You can wait for the updates from the ay Store or get the new versions for Maps Search from A Mirror.

y this matters: Beyond the visual changes, the navigation card is a good addition to making core travel information easier to spot. It keeps with ’s trend of putting key details in cards, a key principles of its Material Design.