I/O 2015 schedule is live, hints at existence of Android M

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 May 2015

The I/O schedule is live, it offers some insight into what we can expect to see at ’s big developer conference at the end of May. 

The agenda already shows a healthy helping of sessions, though it’s possible that might add more after the keynote goes live. Some of the topics include video chat for web, iOS, Android, Notifications on llipop, Gaming on Android TV. There’s even a session on battery performance tooling, what’s next with oject Tango.

There was a session listed earlier today that hinted at the existence of Android M, but both the session description have since been pulledOf course is working on the next version of Android,  of course it starts with the letter M, but this is our first good indication that it’s coming this year, rather than just another year of improvements to llipop. still don’t know what the full desert-flavored name will be (we vote for “Marzipan”), nor what the version number will be.

The story behind the story: This year’s sessions appear to be generally informative rather than developer-centric, compared to last year’s conference. It’s like has shifted gears from how to develop for Android, to why.

Those of you who can’t make it to this year’s I/O, don’t fret! The opening keynote most of the sessions will be live streamed online. If you miss a session, you can always watch it later. so, it appears that some of the sessions will be repeated on the second day.