brings bleeding-edge Chrome dev channel browser to Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Apr 2015

st as it’s done on the desktop, is pushing out a developer build of Chrome for Android for those who want the latest greatest features are willing to live with some pesky bugs in return.

The Chrome dev channel gives you insider access to what is experimenting with. Of course, that means there can be lots of bugs, though is betting on wide usage will give it the data it needs to squash them.

st like with the beta build, you can download the dev browser on your device but keep the stable version as default if you want something less fussy. If you want to check the new browser out, you can grab it now from the ay Store.

The story behind the story: works on new features by trying them out on multiple early access versions of its browser, graduating them to the stable channel when they’re ready. The dev channel has been on ndows, Mac, Chrome OS already, but this is the first appearance on mobile. Desktop versions also run a Canary channel, which is the most raw uncut version of Chrome.