The tch Urbane is out, with a $350 price that tops the charts for Android ar

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Apr 2015

is pushing the price of Android ar a little higher with the tch Urbane, which just went on sale for $350.

The tch Urbane is available now through the Store, where it’s currently the most expensive Android ar smartwatch. It has a round metallic watch body in silver or gold colors, includes a leather watch b. (

This is ‘s third Android ar smartwatch in less than a year. The company started off with the G tch, a dull plastic timepiece that was basically an early showcase for ‘s software. It’s no longer for sale in the Store. st fall, followed up with the G tch R, a round watch with a brushed-metal finish. So far, it’s our favorite Android ar timepiece, it just got a price drop from $299 to $249.

The tch Urbane is similar to the G tch R, but has a more metallic body with rounded edges, its leather b has some stitching along the edges. also plans to sell metal bs for the tch Urbane, but there’s no sign of them in the Store. The tech specs are unchanged from the G tch R, with a 1.3-inch OD display, Snapdragon 400 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage.

For software, the tch Urbane is the first to include Android ar 5.1.1 , which adds a more convenient app launcher, wrist gestures, -Fi support, an always-on mode for apps, a way to text people with emoji. Other Android ar watches should get the update over the next few weeks.

y this matters: Android ar watches have been steadily creeping up in price since day one, as device makers realize their watches need to be as fashionable as they are useful. Today, even the most expensive Android ar watch only matches the starting price of the Apple tch. But as huddles up with luxury watch brs such as TAG Heuer, Android ar likely go even further upscale.