bsites can now send push alerts with Chrome for Android update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 Apr 2015

Chrome for Android will soon start sending you push alerts, buzzing your phone just like any other mobile app.

The change is rolling out with Chrome 42, which also brings this feature to the desktop Chrome OS. There are only a few sites on board right now:  says that eBay, Facebook, Beyond the Rack, nterest, oduct Hunt are among the early adopters.

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Chomre lets you manage push notifications in case they start to get annoying.

Fortunately you’ll be able to adjust the settings turn off notifications from a site if they start to overwhelm you. says you’ll start to see the feature roll out when visiting supported websites in the next few weeks. Supporting this feature requires some extra legwork for developers, so it won’t take over the web overnight.

Another change is that you may also get prompted to add a home screen icon from such mobile-optimized sites. It’s not exactly a new concept (the original ione could do this) but it’s clear is pushing a bigger role for Chrome on Android.

y this matters: Much of ’s future is invested in Chrome. It’s not just a browser; Chromebooks keep getting better in their ability to hle all of your core computer-driven tasks. The deeper that can tie Android Chrome together, the more convenient it will be to stay connected within ’s ecosystem.