Field Trip’s point-of-interest notifications come to Android ar

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Apr 2015

Field Trip is a cool way to discover new places, now it will send alerts about nearby discoveries right to your Android ar smartwatch. 

If you enable notifications in the Android app, Field Trip will ping you with historical findings other local venues that you typically wouldn’t discover on your own while traveling.

field trip 2.0 roid

Field Trip finds off-the-beaten-path adventures around home or when traveling.

But it’s pretty good for staying close to home, as you’ll find restaurants, unique architecture, even supposedly haunted houses in your area.

You can also launch the Field Trip app directly on your watch, it will pull up snippets of information about nearby findings. You can read the preview on your wrist, then launch the app on your phone for further details.

The update is live in the ay Store.

The story behind the story: Field Trip is the lesser known product of ’s Niantic bs, which makes the popular location-based game Ingress. The group operates fairly independently of , giving them the latitude to experiment with out-of-the-box ideas features.