Android for rk reports to the office in ay Store debut

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Apr 2015

’s new Android for rk platform is ready to get down to business, finally making its debut in the ay Store

The app’s launch is the final piece in a year-long rollout of ’s effort to build Android into a work-friendly platform.

Android for rk allows corporate IT managers to exert greater control over their company’s Apps while keeping such tinkering separate from employees’ personal details on their smartphones. 

Android for rk creates walled-off versions of apps like Chrome, Gmail, Drive, others, denoted by a tiny briefcase logo (pictured).

roid for work play store ay

Achieve work/life balance on your phone with ’s new apps.

The selling point for is that as an employee of an Android for rk business, you would get better separation between your personal bookmarks, email, files, other content without having to carry around two devices or co-mingle your work private life in the same applications.

Despite its presence in the ay Store, you won’t be able to install the app unless you’re part of a business that’s rolling out Android for rk. 

The story behind the story: has been trying to make its products work-friendly for several years, going back to when it first began selling Apps to businesses. If it can craft together a solution that is easy to implement provides a high level of security it could have a winner given Android’s popularity. It won’t be easy, as Apple’s partnership with IBM Microsoft’s long-time enterprise credentials will continue to be formidable foes.