to open up sales more broadly for oject Tango tablets

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 10 Apr 2015

’s elusive oject Tango may throw open the doors a little wider to the public. 

Those who scored access to the invite-only project, which seeks to use mobile devices for 3-D spatial mapping, picked up that detail in emails from , according to Android lice. Developers who want to buy a current-generation development tablet can do so, though it’s their last chance before, “opening up sales more broadly.” 

st like Glass, this futuristic technology isn’t cheap; even on discount, the tablet costs $512, a 50 percent price cut from the original cost of $1,024. You also still have to score an invite, an effort to keep the project fairly closed to the ranks of serious developers.

oject Tango could be following the Glass playbook by transitioning to a public sale after spending some time at invite-only status. st as with its oject Ara initiative, likes to experiment with new ideas, sometimes for quite a while, to see if they’ll stick. 

The story behind the story: oject Tango is part of ’s Advanced Technology oject (ATA group, which is targeting “unique sensing capabilities” to exp what a mobile device can do. is even trying it out in phones, though it’s unclear if that will ever evolve into something to be sold in stores.