Motorola teases a behind-the-scenes access program called Moto Makers club

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Apr 2015

Motorola is building a clestine group of superfans to help shape its future products.

Email invites spotted by roid reveal a new group called Moto Makers, which promises an “insider’s view” of Motorola.

Among the privileges are Hangouts with Moto executives, industry company events, early access to company news, the ability to test out review products before they’re launched.

It’s unclear how participants will be selected, though Motorola is probably pinging those who proclaim their fom through social media.

The group is just getting started, as there are placeholders for Twitter, Facebook, + accounts. ’ve reached out to these accounts for more information will report back if we hear anything.

HTC has a similar group with its Elevate initiative, though it’s unclear how much feedback has gone into actual products. Given the HTC One M9’s subpar camera, maybe they’re not listening enough.

The story behind the story: Motorola’s claim to fame is its customization through Moto Maker its close adherence to stock Android. This approach is clearly earning Motorola some devoted fans. Such adherence to a br usually benefits the company more than it does you, but it can’t hurt to invest some time if you’re dedicated to a specific product line.