Huawei's new Android Wear watch has hit YouTube, and it looks awesome

huaweii android wear

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On Saturday, Huawei posted a pair of promotional videos to its YouTube channel that show off its as-yet unannounced Android Wear watch, and, boy, are you going to want to see what's in store.

The videos, first spotted by DroidLife, show an Android Wear smartwatch with a round screen that, unlike the Moto 360, is actually completely round. The Moto 360, you might remember, has a slice of missing pixels at the bottom of its display.

Sapphire glass protects the face (that's a snazzy upgrade over other Android Wear watches), and you can choose from a selection of watchbands, ranging from leather to a Milanese loop metal-link affair.

huaweii android wear 3

Google Now will answer your questions from your wrist.

huaweii android wear 2

The Huawei Watch’s heartrate monitor.

One of Huawei's videos shared that the diameter of the surface of the watch is 42mm—"the most compact design in round shaped watches." By comparison, the LG G Watch R, which we loved, measures 46.4 mm. The upshot is that Huawei's unnamed watch should have a much less bulky look. Hauwei’s videos also showed a wide array of watch faces to choose from, ranging from classic styles to more modern interpretations.

huaweii android wear 4

One of the Huawei Watch’s faces.

It’s an incredibly slick design, too—at first glance, you could easily mistake the Huawei Watch for a traditional, fashion-centric watch, not a smartwatch. In fact, one of the two videos is dedicated solely to the Huawei Watch’s design rationale—something you’d expect to see from Apple. And please note how the crown appears in the 2 o'clock position. That's a jaunty little design flourish that gives Huawei just an extra bit of panache.

There's a lot we don’t yet know about the Huawei Watch—how much it will cost, how long its battery will last between charges, and so on. But with this year’s Mobile World Congress about to start in Barcelona, so we should find out more very soon.

Why this matters: What’s most notable about these videos is the focus on upscale design. So, not only have the Swiss traditionalists responded to the Apple Watch, now we have gadget companies like LG and Huawei going upscale with their smartwatches as well. Apparently, the pure consumer electronics companies are wising up to the fact that no one wants a cheap, dime-store Dick Tracy watch on his or her wrist.

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