Motorola’s Moto Maker will let you build your own Moto 360

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 26 Feb 2015

Motorola’s Moto Maker soon will let you design your own smartwatch.

According to a red report, Motorola’s going to flip on the feature in h, giving you customization choices for the final build of your Moto 360, much as you can do right now with the company’s Moto X. You’ll be able to pick the watch casing, b, a one of 11 faces to show up when you first power on the watch. 

Motorola is also finally making available a single-link b it first teased in a promo video over a year ago. 

It doesn’t appear there have been any major redesigns to the watch build, as the screenshots indicate the same size overall design of the current Moto 360 in tact. 

In our Moto 360 review we found the watch wanting in a lot of areas, especially with software bugs battery life, though updates in the months since have fine-tuned the watch to the point that it eventually became our favorite Android ar watch of 2014

The story behind the story: Motorola’s flagship feature has been the ability to let you customize a Moto X. By using the company’s Moto Maker, you can tweak the look of many elements of the phone, even offering peculiarities like a leather backside. ile Apple’s y Ive isn’t a fan of letting customers design their own products, it’s let Motorola stake out a nice niche in the Android ecosystem.