DIY repair site iFixit launches Android hub for phones, tablets, smartwatches

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Feb 2015

The go-to DIY gadget repair site iFixit can now service your Android needs.

The site just launched a dedicated Android hub, which features repair guides for 252 of phones tablets. There are also resources for repairing smartwatches TV devices like the Chromecast. And you can buy parts tools to fix your device yourself.

The iFixit founders told us that the challenge with Android is the vast array of devices, but with enough community input it would be able to build out its resources. The community appears to have stepped up here, though there still a long way to go before iFixit can offer a guide for each of the over 19,000 Android devices.

To help with that effort iFixit says in a blog post it’s working with technical writers from 40 different universities to help create repair guides. 

Some of the featured guides already available cover topics like replacing the Nexus 4 motherboard, a teardown of the HTC One M8, swapping out a Motorola Droid front panel.

y this matters: If you’re the type who would rather replace your own cracked screen or dead battery, iFixit is where you want to go. th a dedicated Android channel you’re now likely to find the repair guide you need an easy place to find any necessary tools.