AT&T pulls a do-over with HTC One M8 in this week’s Android update roundup

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Jan 2015

Good news, HTC One owners, you’re getting an update to Android 4.4.4…again. It turns out AT&T tried flubbed it once, but you should be getting it for real this time.

However, there’s some good news across the pond, as this same phone is getting llipop over in Europe. That could be a sign of it coming soon here—just in time to be tempted by a new HTC One M9.

ll, let’s get to the updates. Each week we gather up all the major software updates for the biggest devices; phones tablets on U.S. carriers ( unlocked phones, of course), wearables, round them all up so you don’t miss a thing.

Making sure your device installs the latest software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features, close security holes, squish those pesky bugs.


HTC One M8: No, we’re not repeating ourselves. There was supposed to be an update about a week ago to bring this device up to Android 4.4.4. Unfortunately, it never went live. ll, AT&T is trying again. The 0B120 update should hit your HTC One soon, bringing Voice over E support, the HTC Eye Experience software, of course some fixes performance upgrades.


Galaxy S5: You’re getting a lot of Googly goodness with update G900R4VXU1ANK1. It flips on “OK ” inside the search app updates to the latest build of Hangouts, complete with SMS integration (though there are other SMS options). It also bumps up the phone to Android 4.4.2 has the stard behind-the-scenes fixes.

Galaxy Note 4: The newest Note gets N910R4TYU1ANK5, which brings the same list of updates fixes as the Galaxy S5. It’s good to see an update focused on services, indicating there could be something to those rumors of a lighter Touchz in the future.

Galaxy Note 3: Samsung isn’t leaving behind the last version of its popular Note. Your update number is N900R4TYUCNG5 to pick up the aforementioned goodies.


HTC One M8: Our friends in Europe are getting another one over on us: Android llipop is hitting the One M8, according to ff , HTC’s senior online global communications manager. The good news, however, is that such a large rollout could be a precursor to seeing this come here to the U.S. ’ll keep our eyes open for a llipop sighting.