HTC Re Camera update lets you livestream your adventures to YouTube

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 Jan 2015

HTC’s Re Camera may look… unorthodox, but it’s gaining one advantage over the competition—livestreaming to YouTube.

The new feature requires an update to the Android app, which HTC says will hit on nuary 9. The $200 camera is HTC’s competitor to the Goo, the current king of “action cameras,” which are designed to be light easy to hold for shooting various outdoor adventures.

To shoot live footage you’ll need to connect the camera to the Re app on your phone, which actually does the live streaming, so it doesn’t completely transform the Re into a live video camera. But if you’re willing to work with that it could open up a whole new world for your YouTube channel.

ile this app update will hit Android first (something we don’t get to say often) on Friday, nuary 9, it’s slated to hit iOS later in the first quarter of the year.

y this matters: generally liked the Re Camera, though found it won’t replace a dedicated camera for serious photography. The lack of flash capabilities also reduces its utility for shooting at night, as you have to rely on whatever light is out there to brighten things up.

The new capability to livestream to YouTube gives it a pretty cool feature, but it remains to be seen if that will win over someone pondering whether the Re Camera’s $200 price tag is worth it. It’s a compelling bone to toss to existing buyers, however.