AT&T follows T-Mobile’s lead, announces its own data rollover plan

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Jan 2015

AT&T is copying T-Mobile again, offering its own data rollover plan not long after T-Mobile launched its own Data Stash initiative.

Customers on select plans can keep unused data, rolling it to the next month. Unlike T-Mobile’s plan, which lets you hold on to unused data for a year, AT&T nukes your data after one billing cycle. T-Mobile also starts you out with a bank of 10GB; there’s no such gift from AT&T.

The Rollover Data feature launches n. 25 for new current customers with a Mobile Share Value or AT&T Next plan. AT&T set up a site that outlines the plan details, including a YouTube video from ly, its fictional employee featured in the company’s latest commercials.

AT&T says the new plans will impact 50 million of its customers, though it’s of course hoping it will lure new subscribers dissuade others from hopping over to the magenta network. Only customers with Mobile Share Value plans (family plans with shared data) are eligible (T-Mobile’s similar initiative includes individuals with post-paid plans).

The story behind the story: The competition in the wireless industry isn’t slowing down in the new year. ile his efforts come with a lot of hubris swearing, T-Mobile’s gere is largely the reason AT&T Sprint have radically changed their mobile plans. The industry is continuing to trend toward more consumer-friendly policies, a needed shift given how much we rely on our phones as our primary computing device.