Maps 9.2 adds navigation voice controls, calibration tool

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Dec 2014

The Maps team isn’t quite done yet for the year. It has cranked out another update with a couple of nice tweaks to its navigation feature.

They’re rather subtle, but if you head to the settings you’ll now find an option to re-calibrate your phone for more accurate map views the ability to change the volume of voice instructions.

Tilt gives you a more angled view of the map during navigation, whereas the traditional viewpoint is closer to a top-down view. If the app detects your calibration is off, it will ask you to wave your phone through the air in a back–forth pattern.

navigation voice level

You can crank up or down the volume of Maps voice navigation.

Maps is also now more aggressive with its autocorrect suggestions. You’ll get a popup message at the bottom of the screen to alert you the app changed the spelling when you type in the name of a place.

Another surprise, though not specific to version 9.2, is a link for Santa’s village in the slide-out navigation menu. It takes you to ’s Santa tracking website, which follows St. ’s journey on tmas Eve. For more holiday-themed fun games you can grab the official app.

The update is rolling out through the ay Store, or you can grab the A.

The impact on you: It’s a good feature bump for Maps’ navigation controls. The increased autocorrect smarts should also help when trying to track down that occasional venue where you know its name, but just can’t quite get the spelling right.