Google Maps 9.1 for Android now displays local weather, time, and tips about your destination

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Google Maps 9.1 is a rather minor update, compared to the major Material Design overhaul in 9.0.

But it turns out there are some useful features tucked away, especially if you rely on the app for learning about a specific destination you’re visiting or scoping out places to go.

google maps marriott

Google Maps now adds a caption with a few details about where you are headed.

When you look up a place on Google Maps and touch the pin for more details, you’ll see the local weather, time, and a few other snippets of information. For example, the San Francisco Marriott Marquis (pictured) is described as having, “sophisticated rooms in a modern high-rise, plus business perks, indoor pool, and penthouse lounge. 4 stars.”

While the weather and local time appeared for Android Police in their APK teardown, they didn’t show up for us when testing out the new version. It could be one of those features that gradually rolls its way out to the ecosystem. Nonetheless, this will be especially helpful for planning travel to places a few time zones away or with drastically different weather conditions.

The impact on you: If Google Maps is your go-to app for checking out hotels, restaurants, or scanning for other cool stuff to see, then these new features could save you a couple of steps by putting them all in one app. Google is working to make Maps the all-in-one travel and destination tool so you don’t have to check in with competitors like Yelp for this information.

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